Arya Rabinovits

(914) 670-8410

eRealty Advisors, Inc.

777 Westchester Ave. White Plains, NY 10604

Arya Rabinovits is a real estate specialist based in Westchester County. He thrives on providing top level service for buyers, sellers and investors, with exceptional results.

Driven by his passion for real estate, Arya began his career building and renovating houses throughout New York. While always on the lookout for new challenges and growth opportunities, Arya finds that his biggest joy is seeing the look of sheer happiness in the eyes of buyers when they find the home of their dreams.

Whether buying a first home, looking for an additional residence or scaling up or down, Arya knows that the buying and selling journey can be intimidating. Arya has the expertise required to strike the right deal at the right time and his client-centered approach makes him a trusted advisor and tireless guide throughout the real estate process - from listings and offers to price and mortgage negotiations to closing.

Recognized for his honesty, integrity and attention to detail, Arya’s dedication is second to none in finding the perfect solution for each of his clients’ unique needs.

Arya understands that relationships are at the heart of every successful deal and will leave no stone unturned to make sure that his clients are happy and their real estate goals are realized.